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Using Green Tea While Fasting

Fasting is a term that describes the time when you’re not eating, but today it has become so much more than that, thanks to the numerous benefits it has on our health.

When thinking about fasting, the most common questions that are often searched for are:

  • “can you drink green tea while fasting?”
  • “will drinking green tea while fasting have any negative effects?”
  • “will drinking green tea bring you out of a fasted state?”

These questions, along with many other queries and concerns that you may have about intermittent fasting and tea, will be discussed further in this article.

Using Green Tea to Improve Your Fasting Experience

Green Tea

Even though fasting refers to restricted food consumption, there are actually some drinks you should also stay away from, which comes back to the question; “can I drink green tea during intermittent fasting?”.

The short answer is that it is perfectly fine to drink tea while fasting since it has a low amount of calories and won’t bring you out of a fasted state, as opposed to other drinks such as fruit juice or carbonated sodas. However, the detailed answer is that drinking green tea while fasting actually has numerous other health benefits, apart from the fact that it won’t break a fast.

Not only is fasting with tea safe, but it can also boost the metabolic rate and burn additional fat.
Drinking green tea while fasting will actually help you control your appetite, so you won’t be compelled to break your fast and have a snack.

Health Benefits of Combining Green Tea with Fasting

Here’s a study from 2011 that shows the role of catechins found in green tea in reducing body weight and controlling appetite. Catechins are the components that together with caffeine also found in green tea, are responsible for the fat-burning effect. This means that green tea fasting results when it comes to weight loss will on average be better than fasting without drinking tea.

It has been shown that catechins in combination with caffeine increased the calories burned in a day by 4.6%, as shown in this study. Not only does green tea burn fat, but it can also help in decreasing cholesterol levels, which is another reason why drinking tea while fasting is recommended. A 2016 research article showed a correlation between drinking green tea and lowered total cholesterol, in addition to weight loss and decreased body mass index in 115 women.

In addition, drinking green tea while intermittent fasting can also promote a process that naturally happens during fasting called ‘autophagy’, during which damaged and old body cells are replaced with new ones.

One recent study proved that polyphenols found in green tea induce the detox through autophagy and help better the overall state of those who consume it.

It is well-known that fasting positively affects the brain, helps us think more clearly, boosts focus and helps us unwind. A cup of green tea during intermittent fasting can additionally help with feeling relaxed and calm. One of the components of green tea responsible for this stress-relief effect is the amino acid theanine, as shown in this 2017 research where green tea helped reduce the stress levels of 20 students.

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Our Final Say

Herbal teas are just one of mother nature’s many great gifts that we can turn to for improving our health. Green tea has proven benefits for weight loss when consumed in a fasted state.

As always though, be sure to consult with your doctor or primary medical physician prior to taking any of the natural remedies, herbs or general advice given in this article. This information is for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.