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6 Herbal Teas for Combating Anxiety

We live in a world today where stimulation is virtually everywhere we look, and is available 24/7. Not only that, but the pace of life has greatly increased as our lives become ever busier with the feeling of even less time available. Just reading this so far may have brought your heart rate pounding and thoughts racing. It can feel as though your senses are heightened, where all you feel is nervousness and exaggerated concern about an event that is uncertain. This feeling is called anxiety.

The American Psychiatric Association has it that over 25 million people have anxiety disorders, which are characterized by extreme worry, panic, and fear of circumstances. Anxiety often gets thrown in with other generalized behavioral disorders such as stress, bipolar and depression, however, it is now accepted as a clinical illness that should always be assessed by a qualified medical professional.

Those suffering from chronic anxiety are often prescribed pharmaceutical medications as part of their treatment plan. However, by reading this article you may be pleasantly surprised to find out about the many wonderful natural options that can provide relief from mild symptoms.

What Tea is Good for Anxiety?

Teas can be a potent helper when it comes to managing and minimizing anxiety and its symptoms. Not just any kind of tea though, more specifically, herbal teas are the teas that naturally harbor these kinds of valuable benefits.

Herbal teas are a popular choice by individuals that prefer natural remedies for relieving their symptoms as opposed to conventional prescribed drugs.

Based on the research and available information, chamomile tea, passionflower tea, lavender, and green teas are all useful in reducing anxiety. Not just reducing it alone, they seem to be more effective than conventional medications, which can often come with adverse side effects.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea

If there is a soothing tea that can help you through times of nervousness and worry, it is chamomile tea. Research from 2016 demonstrated that chamomile tea was used to treat patients with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or GAD, and the results showed that certain symptoms of GAD were considerably lowered.

Those who take this tea confirm that it is the perfect tea for stress relief as it helps you sleep well and relaxes your muscles.

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Green Tea

Green Tea

Green teas are packed full of antioxidants, as well as numerous other benefits, which makes it a great natural remedy for stress and many other disorders. Of all of the main herbal tea remedies searched for, green tea is most popularly known and consumed. Anti-stress research on green teas demonstrates how l-theanine, a component of green tea, has proven stress relief capacity. This same compound is responsible for making green tea one of the best anti-anxiety teas.

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Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea

After your first sip of this relaxing herb, you will almost feel your anxiety fading away.
Peppermint isn’t only good for food flavoring, it is also perfect for relaxation and for calming your nerves.

As this article demonstrates, peppermint generates overall calmness which contributes to the generalized lowering of anxiety.

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Lavender Tea

Lavender Tea

Lavender is a popular choice that therapists will often recommend to patients with generalized anxiety. It is caffeine-free, and will not affect the circadian sleep rhythm.

The lavender herb is also one of the most popularly stocked essential oils that is touted for its relaxation and calming effects when applied topically. When taken orally, silexan, which is an oil derivative of lavender, has been shown to act as an effective treatment in the management of subsyndromal anxiety disorder.

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Kava Tea

Kava Tea

Kava works specifically by targeting the GABA system in the brain. This system of neurons and neurotransmitters play a role in anxiety disorders when their function is reduced.

Kava is a non-hypnotic and non-addictive herb that has been proven, like many others, to be efficient in the treatment of general anxiety disorder. Although there is a risk of hepatotoxicity, a small dose of this herb is safe and has been tested by clinical trials.

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Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon balm functions in a similar way to kava. It is used widely against anxiety symptoms, especially insomnia. Lemon balm boosts the function of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) and relieves stress.

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Our Final Say

Herbal teas are just one of mother nature’s many great gifts that we can turn to for improving our health. Many of the recommended teas listed in this article have proven benefits in helping to deal with anxiety.

As always though, be sure to consult with your doctor or primary medical physician prior to taking any of the natural remedies, herbs or general advice given in this article. This information is for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.